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Do You Need Stronger Email Security?

Russell Nicolet

Email is an easy target for online scammers and cybercriminals, and business email networks are no different.

Spam. Phishing. Ransomware. These are scary words for email users and why all businesses need a strong email security system. A malicious hacker can access your confidential business and personal data with one wrong click.

It seems like a new email scam pops up daily, threatening your secure data, private information, and peace of mind. Businesses not only face a threat to their information, but a cyber-attack can also put their customer’s confidential information at risk. You should always take this type of cyber threat seriously. All businesses must incorporate policies to strengthen their email security and continuously update policies as new digital threats arise. 

What Exactly is Email Security?

​Do You Need Stronger Email Security

A business can best protect its interests by incorporating certain tools and policies to ensure a secure email platform for all users.

Email security plans may include, but are not limited to:

  • Scanning of incoming, outgoing, and even internal mail for dangerous links
  • Encrypting communications so scammers cannot access them
  • Filtering unwanted and possibly threatening spam emails
  • Authenticating email senders

Devising protocols for email safety can be a tedious task for the regular business owner. Still, with the help of a professional IT team, businesses can strengthen their email security and stay safe from external and internal scammers.

All businesses should establish practices to keep their information safe. Education and training is a best practice for protecting against email scams because it instructs users on avoiding common email threats. This training can introduce new users to possible email scams and teach them how to recognize and avoid these costly crimes.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an effective tactic to keep accounts safe from unauthorized users. Employees provide more than one way to sign in to avoid an intrusion by an unwelcome user. Employing these safety practices will help keep your business safe. A reputable IT professional can assist you with these risks and help you devise the best email security plan for your business needs. 

What Email Threats Might I Face?

A few of the ways cybercriminals infiltrate secure business data and systems include phishing, malware, data exfiltration, spam, and impersonation.

Phishing is when a party pretends to be a reliable organization or person and tricks users into providing secure credentials, login information, or otherwise compromising data, allowing the party to steal valuable information.

Malicious software disrupts computer systems. Common malware attacks include viruses, worms, and spyware. This type of disruption can be quite expensive.

Data Exfiltration happens when a data transfer happens without permission or authorization. Transferring confidential data without authorization can lead to a costly data breach.

Spam includes uninvited bulk messages sent without the consent of the recipient. A cybercriminal may use spam to trick users into providing confidential credentials and extorting money.

Impersonation occurs when a cybercriminal poses as an organization or person to get money or data.

Those are just a few ways hackers launch cyber-attacks. A knowledgeable IT professional will collaborate with you to incorporate safeguards to ensure this never happens to your business.

It does not matter if you are a small or large business; the cost of a cyber-attack will be expensive. Once data is breached, a hacker can steal your secure data and your client’s personal information. As a result, you will need to hire expensive lawyers and analysts to help you manage the problem. It is difficult to recover from a cyber-attack. Many companies lose revenue and the trust of valued clients and cannot rebuild again. 

How Can IT Professionals Help With Email Security?

An effective email security plan monitors various virtual threats and protects a business from this kind of disaster. IT professionals are well-versed in how digital offenders attack and can advise businesses on how to best prevent a breach. An IT consulting company will offer protection from spam, including unsolicited messages and email-borne malware. Reliable IT professionals will identify dangerous file attachments, links, and other questionable messages.

IT professionals can work with you to determine how to manage your email system and provide you with exactly what your business needs. Email management is an aspect of human resource management. Monitoring what your employees send through email and the data connection will improve your competence in leading your business.

Incorporating internal firewall limits does what with business emails and who can delete data. A professional IT company can help set up structures that help you maintain control over your email and data to easily discover any internal misconduct.

As email threats become more dangerous, businesses must incorporate email security systems to protect themselves, their businesses, and their clients. An email security issue can cost your company thousands of dollars. All businesses need a strong email security system that protects devices, apps, data, and even cloud storage.

Seeking the counsel and advice of a knowledgeable IT company is a divisive way of heading off any kind of email threat. Increasing your email security will provide your business with several benefits. You can protect your business against financial or reputation loss due to a data breach or operational disruption from a cyber-attack. Preventing operational disruption results in enhanced performance and productivity.

Email is easy for malicious scammers and cyber criminals to dive into a company’s private data and confidential financial information. Do not let them in. Hiring IT professionals to keep your email secure is a smart move that will provide a cost-effective way to prevent data breaches and operational disruptions and give you peace of mind and time to do what you do best—run your business.

Call an Experienced IT Professional Today to Strengthen Your Email

Russel Nicolet, founder & president of Nicolet Tech, Inc.

When your company needs stronger email security, it is time to speak with an experienced IT professional. An outside IT company makes it easier for you to manage the daily activities of the company without the worry of an unsecured email system.


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