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Software Sales & Support

Software Sales & Support

In an ideal world, the purchase and use of software would be as simple as buying it, clicking a box, having it self-install, and integrating it with your existing programs and systems. This, however, is unfortunately not the case in many instances, especially when you have your system up and running already. At times new programs and software might fail to integrate with your existing programs or could even create a conflict that adversely impacts your business operations.

In situations like this, the decision to incorporate new technology or to upgrade your existing system can seem like the worst choice you’ve ever made for your business. Systems that used to function smoothly and without thought start kinking up, and your process is no longer smooth and feels clunky. This can affect your profitability and efficiency and also decrease the quality of your customer’s experience.

Making sure that your software is compatible with any new additions or add-ons is essential to the function of your business. While checking the back of a program box or in the PDF of the terms and conditions might help you understand the basics of getting software to integrate into your existing system, the in-depth information and expertise needed to make it happen seamlessly is often lacking.

To support your understanding and to discuss how we can help you integrate new software into your business with ongoing support, reach out to the experienced IT professionals from Nicolet Tech to explore options, and read on to learn more.
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Your Programs Will Be Installed Correctly and Work as You Expect

It might seem entirely simple and obvious which programs work for which computer or system, but sometimes you might be surprised by what works and what does not.

All businesses need accounting software, but each has significant differences in features some only work well with retail businesses, others only with service businesses. The wrong one could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, and not serve your needs.

Many lawyers, for example, use a program called ProDoc to draft contracts, and for some, like those working with wills and estates, the program is essential. Without the program, a will that would take one hour to complete might take five, but the customer would pay the same rate regardless of whether it takes one or five hours.

Mac computers are very popular amongst lawyers, but ProDoc does not work on Macs. Many lawyers have invested thousands of dollars into ProDoc only to learn that the program will not work on their systems.

Other industry-standard software includes AVImark, Impromed, Cornerstone, Idexx, AI, EZVet, and Neo for veterinarians, and Paterson, Dentrix, and Dexis for dentists.

If your business needs to make graphics, you may need to choose between QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, or less-expensive alternatives. But those alternatives will only cost you less if they do what you need them to and don’t force you to pay for the more expensive software, too.

Having signed contracts and paid in full, a refund is not always available, and if this happens to your business, you could be out hundreds or thousands of dollars based upon an “upgrade” that is in reality just wasted money as it is not compatible with your system.

Nicolet Tech Streamlines Software Selection and Installation

With Nicolet Tech helping you, the only software you purchase and install will be fully compatible with your system and fully capable of performing the functions you need it to. When you work with Nicolet Tech, we do not begin by suggesting programs to sell you, but rather we begin by asking you what your business needs.

What is the purpose of the software you are trying to get? How do you hope it will improve the efficiency or profitability of your business?

Once we identify the goal of the software, we then assess your system to determine what programs and software will integrate seamlessly into it. This ensures that you only invest in software that will accomplish what you want it to and seamlessly integrate with your operations.

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