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Cybersecurity for Minnesota Companies

Protecting Your Data, Your Employees, and Your Reputation

You don’t need us to tell you that today’s cyber landscape is rife with threats; all you need to do is browse the news headlines for the latest in a never-ending stream of data breaches that has damaged consumer confidence and the bottom lines of American businesses. You’ve worked too hard to leave your network, devices, and data up to chance. You need an IT partner who can keep you on the cutting edge of cybersecurity in order to combat the continuous wave of threats presented by hackers, phishing operations, and data breaches.

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Cybersecurity FAQs

What Benefits do IT Services Provide?

As many successful business owners will tell you, a key ingredient to success is delegation, the assigning of tasks to people who are best-suited to complete them.
If you own a company producing wooden rocking chairs made from locally procured wood and polished with beeswax made by your neighbor, you might not have the budget to hire a full-time IT services employee. Moreover, even if you had a full-time IT services employee, you might not know what to tell them to do to support your business.
Running a successful business requires focus, and one of the main reasons that many new businesses fail is due to a lack of focus, by trying to do too much with too little.
To support the success and growth of your business, outsourcing your IT services will enable you to maximize the benefits of modern technology while minimizing the associated costs. If your business is wooden rocking chairs, you might not know what programs exist to support your operations or what software measures you should establish to streamline the business.
The merchant services solutions used by businesses change with time, and while you might think PayPal is the go-to for all online payment processing, other online payment options may have lower fees.
Nicolet Tech is not only your best option for a Minnesota IT services provider, but we are also your window into the modern market and technology environment. You come to us with a list of your business needs, and we explain the technology solutions that meet them and provide top value for your business.

Can’t I Just Buy Anti-Virus Protection Online?

If you have concerns about cybersecurity and hackers, you might have looked online for antivirus software options. These can protect against major, mainstream threats to data security.

In other instances, online “antivirus software” offers are hackers selling malware to consumers as antivirus software, receiving payment for the software product, and then having the ability to gain entry into the system and receive your funds again through theft and fraud.

Online antivirus software options are an entry-level step towards cybersecurity for your business, but by no means are they comprehensive or capable of providing your business with complete protection against all threats.

Why Go With Nicolet Tech?

Let Nicolet Tech be your IT employee and your go-to anytime there is an issue with your computer system, your cybersecurity, or your data storage needs. Nicolet Tech has worked with businesses for years so they can focus on their core business, and we handle the time and expertise required to provide IT setup, maintenance, and support. Becoming an IT professional requires training, knowledge, and, most importantly, experience. IT services are constantly evolving, and by working with a third-party provider like Nicolet Tech, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with change on your own.

Our services range from fixing a single problem for a competitive rate to providing system-wide implementation and management, depending upon the needs and preferences of your organization. We are not here to sell you everything any business could use, but rather provide your business with exactly what it needs to optimize operations through IT services.

Safeguards For Safety

You can rely on Nicolet Tech to safeguard your business IT so you can focus on running your business and taking care of your customers. We offer the full spectrum of cybersecurity services, including:

Endpoint Protection

Every device – or endpoint – on your network is a potential entrance for a malicious actor. We’ll secure your laptops, desktops, mobile devices, printers, Smart TVs and more to keep your data safe.

Firewall And Network Management

Occasional security scans are not enough; we will keep your network protected at all times and make sure your firewall and network are taking advantage of the latest security features.

Patch Management

You don’t have time to juggle all the various patches that keep your operating systems and third-party apps safe and secure. We do and we will.

Consult Nicolet Tech to Discuss Your Cybersecurity and Technology Needs

Deciding upon software and systems can be intimidating, and while the salespeople at Best Buy will be happy to educate you about the speed and characteristics of a system, only specialists like those at Nicolet Tech can explain to you how a system will integrate with your existing business, and improve upon its operations.

Connect with Nicolet Tech today at (651) 240-2202 for a risk-free consultation on how we can work together towards supporting your business through cybersecurity and IT management.

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Focus On Your Business and Leave the Security to Us

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. We’re ready to build a customized security solution that meets your unique needs. Contact us today for a consultation.