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Email Security Services

Email And Spam Administration

Email is the most common communication tool in any business. Even if a business has project management or other communication tools, more often than not they still use email on a daily basis.

It’s crucial to have security for your email to protect your business’ information from hackers and phishers. Whether you’re emailing internally or externally to clients and vendors that information is private. You should feel confident that every email you send will only be seen by the trusted recipients and every message you open is secure.

Here at Nicolet Tech we offer protection from spam including unwanted messages and email-borne malware. We help identify malicious file attachments, links, and among other suspicious messages. With our email security solutions, you can be sure that we are improving the strength of your system to avoid the potential for hackers to get access.

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When It Comes to Administration, Control Equals Security

The use of email is as essential for many businesses as paying the bills to keep the lights on. Without email, the delays and inaccuracies that would result from purely fax and snail mail could bring your business to a grinding halt, but even with email, when problems happen, your business can suffer. When you are using a third-party email service to manage your business, you might not have the ability to establish the controls and parameters that you might like.

Perhaps you’d like all emails from employees to be copied and cc’d to your managerial account. Maybe you’d rather certain employees not receive emails concerning certain subjects or from certain other employees. These particulars are difficult to establish through simple third-party providers, which is where the professionals at Nicolet Tech come into play.

The IT professionals from Nicolet Tech can consult with you to determine your exact preferences for your email system management and then establish a system that provides you with exactly what you need. Email management is an element of human resource management, and controlling what your employees send through email and the data associated with it will support your ability to lead and manage your business.

Filter out Bad Actors

Email can not only add internal value to your organization but also external threats. Bad actors like hackers and identity thieves have become increasingly effective and convincing at gaining access to systems they have no right to enter. Bad actors might pose as potential or existing customers of yours or vendors who have products you would like to carry. The difference between a proper contact and a hacker could be as simple as a letter in an email address and the naked eye often fails to see it. This is why you need additional security in place to protect your company’s information.

Without effective email security and filtering systems in place, such emails can slip through the cracks. Once a hacker has access to your firm, they can access all of the information within your database, which might include internal financial data that would enable them to steal from your company or sensitive financial data from your customers.

Instances of data breaches that lead to customer data theft are often in the news, and while you might forget the news stories, the customers with compromised data will not soon forget how or why. Some cybersecurity measures can cost a lot of money, so you want to consider the price of such services against the potential cost of losing customers due to a data security breach. The long-term costs of a data breach can cause you to lose current customers while potential customers also turn away due to negative word of mouth. Negative feedback spreads many times further than positive opinions, so you must maintain a positive position in any line of business.

Internal Security and Firewalls Prevent Employee Issues

While you’d rather not believe it, many instances of theft and other security breaches occur not from outside sources but rather within a company. Employee theft and waste are very real problems in many organizations. If it happens in yours, email could facilitate and cover up these issues - at least in part. If your employees are engaging in any activity that runs counter to your company or clients' interests, it is essential that you know and can track any such behavior.

Establishing internal security and firewalls can control who does what with company emails and who has the power to delete data from within your company. Bad actors and internal misconduct can continue undetected for some time through strategic deletion, but with a structure set up for you by Nicolet Tech, you can maintain total control over what happens to emails in your company.

Maintain the Safety and Security of Your Clients’ Data

As mentioned above, you need both internal and external email security. When you employ weak email security systems, the potential of internal threats and the risk of outside bad actors gaining entry increase. This, in turn, can compromise client relationships.

The most important aspect of any client-centered business is client data. Client data is what you need to deliver products or services, collect payments, and maintain client accounts. By maintaining the safety of this data through a customized email security system with Nicolet Tech, your present and future clients will have continued trust in your organization.

Email Newsletter and Marketing Management

Making the most of your internal email system includes not only email efficiency and security but also marketing. Through an effectively managed email marketing system, you can keep current clients up to date about your company while increasing repeat sales volume and touch base with prospective clients to encourage them to make a purchasing decision.

Email marketing campaigns involve the collection of emails through online measures like advertisements or engagement pages on your website. By inviting prospective clients and existing clients alike to sign up for your newsletter, you gain the ability to put your product or service in front of more eyes, leading to more closing. Closing is necessary to start and build new relationships to grow your business and keep your bottom line heading in the right direction.

Engaging with your existing and future customers through a page on your website might seem like a daunting task to code and establish, but the professionals at Nicolet Tech can get it done for you within a reasonable time frame. We are here to answer any questions you might have about your email system and how you can employ IT services and solutions to make your system more efficient, more secure, and more fruitful for your business.