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Common forms of business email scams

Another recent phishing attack is the use of a fraudulent business email. When hackers use fraudulent business emails to act as legitimate businesses, that is a scam known as spoofing. This scam happens when a hacker sets up a business email address identical to your business’s email.

The hacker then uses this email to send out messages to various victims. These emails often request victims to use their passwords, send money, or fill out their bank account numbers.
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How cyberattacks hurt businesses

When an employee opens up a fraudulent email from a cybercriminal, it is like water seeping through a crack.

The cybercriminal now has access to your business’s data, including any personal data your customers have filled in. They can use this information to commit even more dangerous crimes like identity theft and ransomware attacks.

It can seriously hurt your business when your customers and the general public discover someone stole their information because of your company’s data breach. Your customers may never trust you again and may then look elsewhere for business. They can also end up suing your business for the data breach.

Nicolet Tech’s email security services

As a business owner, you want to protect your business full circle. You want to be confident that each email opened up is secure. With the email security services that Nicolet Tech offers, we can ensure that this is possible.

Our email security services protect your emails from spam and other malware. Our internal safeguards know how to identify malicious file attachments and suspicious messages. Our IT techs know the right email security measures to recommend that will help strengthen your system.

Better management of your email accounts

Taking full ownership of your email security needs also helps you to better manage your employees. Email system management is part of human resource management.

When you are more knowledgeable about what your employees send through email, it improves how you lead and manage your people.

Reduce employee misconduct

Our email security services can also decrease the likelihood of employee misconduct. You don’t just have to worry about cyber criminals outside your business. You also have to look out for bad employees with their agendas.

The tracking features with our services can help keep track of what employee has access to what type of data. Our email security services also have internal security and firewall features that prevent employees from transferring data outside the company.

Instead of allowing employee misconduct to go unnoticed for so long, our security services can immediately pick up on the employee’s behavior.

Safely securing your customers’ data

Our IT techs are skilled at providing external and internal security for your emails. The services we suggest for your business can provide better security for your client’s data. Your clients will not feel confident doing business with you when you show that you are careless with their data.

You want to treat your clients’ data as its treasure. You want to ensure you use the strongest security measures to prevent your clients’ data from being stolen. Nicolet Tech has the best security services to ensure your clients’ continued trust in your organization.

Better connection with your audience

Because our IT techs go the extra mile, our services also have special features that allow you to make the most of your email security services. Maximizing your security services includes sending out newsletters and engaging media to your clients. This helps keep you connected to your audience through marketing materials they are interested in. It’s also great to place more eyes on your upcoming products.

Cloud Solutions Built For Your Business

Look no further than our team at Nicolet Tech for cloud computing done right. Contact us today to find out how we can create a customized cloud solution for your business


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