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​Why You Need a Local IT Service Provider

Russell Nicolet

In the modern business environment, up-to-date and maintained information technology (IT) will generally differentiate between efficient and profitable operations and falling by the wayside like old technology. Through the effective use of IT services from a local professional provider, your business, data, and clients will have support and protection.

Read on to learn about the benefits of having a local IT service provider and how it can increase your bottom line.

On-Site IT Support

These days, many virtual IT companies can provide remote support, which can be adequate in a pinch. However, remote support can be challenging regarding the wide range of IT issues your business might experience. When you have a technological issue, you want to address it quickly and get up and running right away. There can be delays when virtual IT teams cannot be on-site to directly address the problem.

A local IT service provider can arrive at your business location to better diagnose and resolve a problem. Being on-site can help identify and address issues faster to get your company back online and fully operational. This saves you time dealing with remote service providers and can prevent losses while your systems are down.

Training Services

Even if your workforce is relatively tech-savvy, they can trip up when you change your hardware or software. Without proper training, the learning curve can delay certain operations or result in costly errors. You should ensure that everyone is up to speed with any changes to your IT as soon as possible.

Virtual IT services might provide basic training materials, but they are not present to see the specific challenges your employees face with the new updates.

A local provider can come to your workplace and:

  • Visually identify technological struggles
  • Answer employee questions with a hands-on approach
  • Lead training sessions and demonstrations
  • Work with individual employees who have concerns

For you or someone internally to train employees on new technology, you will need to learn it yourself and take the time to organize and present training sessions. This is time you do not have as a business owner.

Maximize the value of your new hardware or software by having a local IT provider offer hands-on training services. This will increase the efficiency of your IT immediately.

Physical Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen, and a power surge, water main break, fire, or another natural disaster can compromise your IT setup. If you have a virtual provider, you might need to assess and relay the scope of the problem over the phone or online, and you might not have the experience or knowledge to communicate everything that went wrong.

A local IT service provider can visit your worksite and see the damage for themselves. They know what to look for when diagnosing IT disasters, and they can start taking steps immediately for recovery.

You might not expect a disaster to impact your physical workplace, but it can happen. When it does, having a local IT professional can get your operations back up and running much faster - and more successfully - than a virtual support professional.

Responding to Security Threats

Customer data is always at risk, even if you have cybersecurity measures. Hackers come up with new approaches and methods of circumventing cybersecurity every day, and they might gain access to your clients' sensitive data. Failing to properly respond to a possible security breach can cost your business significantly in many ways - both financially and in reputation.

Security breaches can create stress and concern, and you want to know someone will correct the matter as soon as possible. When you have a virtual IT team, you can't know what urgency they have in addressing your concerns. However, a local IT professional can show up and keep you up to date on everything they do to resolve the matter and mitigate damage.

Having a person arrive to help can bring you peace of mind, and it can also give you regular updates regarding the status of your customer information. This is critical when your business faces the consequences of a security breach. Demonstrating you did everything you can to mitigate the damage and protect your consumer data can help the outcome of the situation, and having someone on-site to handle the problem can help.

Individualized Attention

Russel Nicolet, founder & president of Nicolet Tech, Inc.

Because each company is different, each company will have its unique IT needs. Too many virtual providers are disconnected, so they try to use a one-size-fits-all approach to your IT solutions. This is usually not the right fit for your business.

When determining your IT solutions, sitting down face-to-face with a local IT provider helps immensely. They can evaluate your physical space and existing hardware, operations, workforces, and other aspects of your business. You can work together to decide what IT solutions are best for your needs.

A local provider can handle the entire installation process in person, ensuring that everything is correct and working. If you need physical repairs on hardware, a local IT service provider is the best choice. They can arrive promptly and begin physical repairs with minimal interruption to your business.

If you try to rely on remote IT services, you might waste time before you realize you need a local provider. Skip the first step - go right to a local professional. This can save you time and money.

The Right Local Company Can Address Your Information Technology Needs

A local IT technician can visit your business and provide in-person service to promptly solve your IT needs. You cannot get the same level of service or timeliness with a virtual IT service. When working with your business, a local professional is available to design everyday solutions and help respond to emergencies to minimize damage.

To learn more about local IT services and personally get to know the team that will support your company's IT demands, get in touch with a trusted IT service provider today. It can only help your company's future.


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