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​Is Your Business Software Up to Date?

Russell Nicolet

For those of us with smartphones and tablets, it can be annoying when we receive notifications to update our devices. However, we understand that these updates are necessary for mobile devices to continue functioning. The same is true for our business software for those who run a business. Your company’s business software needs to remain up to date so your business can continue to run efficiently. When you fail to do so, you risk your business’s efficiency and safety.​

Dangers of Outdated Software

When you continue to operate with outdated software, you are causing more harm to your business in the long run. There are many risks associated with using outdated software. Some of the most common risks include incompatibility, problems with cybersecurity, the poor performance of devices, and bugs within your system.​


One of the reasons why we must constantly update software is to keep compatibility with different systems and program features. Installing updates helps keep your software compatible with new features and removes unnecessary ones. When your software is outdated, it is difficult for your technology to pass the latest testing and quality assurance tests. As a result, your technology becomes incompatible with other systems and features, affecting your business’s productivity.​

Problems with Cybersecurity

Operating with outdated software in cybersecurity also increases your chances of falling victim to a cyberattack. One of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to access a business’s systems is through outdated software. This is because the outdated software lacks the latest security updates and features. Unlike newer versions, outdated software still contains vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.​

Poor Performance of Devices

Updating your business software continues to improve the performance of your software. Outdated software has a greater chance of malfunctioning. It also increases the chances of your systems restarting, slowing down, or even closing down by themselves. These situations can make it difficult for your employees to perform their duties, leading to poor performance and productivity. These poor performance indicators can even lead to larger issues like a loss of clients or a loss of data.​

Bugs Within the System

One of the main reasons why software is constantly updated is to weed out any previous issues found by any developers. Keeping the software updated helps to ensure that your systems are running at optimum levels. The old glitches in outdated software will substantially affect the user experience. The chances of your system crashing or becoming corrupted are more likely with outdated software.​

Keeping Track of Your Business Software

Just like any other product, you must properly maintain your business software. You do not want to cause additional damage to your software because you failed to update it. Regardless of the size of your business, keeping your business up to date does not have to be difficult. There are ways that you can keep your business software updated consistently with minimum effort.​

Automation Makes Your Life Easier

Automation is one of the most productive ways to keep up to date with your software updates. You can use tools to automatically install updates to your software. This allows you and your employees to maintain control of the update process with little intervention. Many businesses decide to take a centralized approach to the automation process.

That means that each important update must install successfully when necessary. A centralized approach also allows important systems management tasks to take place outside working hours.​

Training Employees to Install Updates

Another way to keep your business software updated is to train your employees to install their updates. With this option, you leave the responsibility of keeping all devices updated in the hands of your employees. For this option to be successful, you must properly train your employees on installing software updates and show how they can check whether an update is safe.

Even more importantly, you want to explain to your employees the importance of keeping their software up to date. All the training in the world will amount to nothing if your employees decide to wait until it is too late to install the updates. When is it too late? It’s too late when a cyberattack has occurred. It’s too late when clients are calling about a possible data breach. You will feel more secure in your operations when you get out in front of a potential disaster.​

Engage in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is delivering computing services through the Internet, also known as the cloud. Cloud computing leads to faster innovation, flexible resources, and business cost-effectiveness. Cloud computing allows you to change your systems without installing new software on each computer. Cloud computing can save you great money and time if your business constantly needs new updates and features. Businesses can pay a monthly fee to use the cloud and install new software updates.​

Maintain Updates on Other Company-Related Devices

Another important action you want to take is ensuring that each company-related device has the newest software updates. Any smartphones or tablets used for business-related purposes must have the latest updates. Like computers and laptops, hackers will attempt to break into smartphones and tablets through company email accounts. Employees must understand why software updates must occur as soon as possible.​

Display Warnings

Another action you can take to keep your business software updated is issuing warnings to your employees. Displaying noticeable messages on employees’ devices can serve as reminders for software updates. Issuing warnings can convey your message to your employees with little intervention.​

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