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Understanding Cloud-Based Storage Services and How They Benefit Businesses

Russell Nicolet

How can-based storage elevate your business and insulate you from the risk of data loss in the event of issues with your software or hardware? Reach out to Nicolet Tech to learn how. Meanwhile, read on for more information.

What Is “The Cloud?”

The cloud is so-named because it is an endless number of servers in data centers across the world that share storage and allow for users and companies to store data in this floating universe of increasingly infinite storage. The reason you do this is so that you don’t have to manage your own physical servers and protect yourself from data loss by using a company for data storage that also has its own centralized physical servers.

The cloud floats above the physical world, and if one server suffers damage or destruction, the global network of servers maintains the cloud and the information in it. To provide a better understanding, we’ll briefly consider what servers are and how your data is stored on your local computers, a centralized server, or the cloud. It might seem complicated, but it isn’t too bad, and the IT professionals at Nicolet Tech have helped many companies transition from servers into the cloud, increasing their data safety and operational efficiency.

How Is My Data Safer in the Cloud Than in Servers?

A physical server is basically like a bookshelf, and data is the books. If you have a centralized server, all of your books are on a single bookshelf, and if that shelf lights on fire, you may lose all of your books, which are the essential data your business needs to operate.

Using a centralized server is like paying for a storage room at a local storage center, where your server might be in a climate-controlled room and safer than at your office, but it is still subject to physical destruction.

The purpose of the cloud is to elevate your data above the risk of physical loss or the compromise of an individual server or system of servers. By incorporating your business into the cloud, you also free it from constraints concerning data transfer and accessibility, as we’ll discuss in the section below.

How Does the Cloud Benefit My Business?

The main benefit of the cloud is that it frees your business from reliance on physical data storage devices like USB and external hard drives, from server subscription fees, and also makes you personally more mobile and able to engage in remote work.

Modern workplaces do not resemble the cubicle or horse-shoe offices of the past but might consist of the living room couch, the local Starbucks, or even the roof of your building on a sunny day. With the simplicity of a Wi-Fi signal and a cloud-based computing account for your business, you can gain access to all of your business data, from anywhere, on basically any modern wireless device capable of accessing the internet.

Cloud computing is revolutionary because it maximizes your ability to operate your business from whatever device you want from wherever you prefer, without the extensive costs associated with an office and server subscription fees for data risk mitigation.

Where Can I Access the Cloud From?

One of the key benefits of using cloud computing for your organization is that you can access most features of the cloud from most of your devices. While in the past, you might have only been able to run certain programs like Photoshop on a top-of-the-line computer with a huge amount of memory and processing power to accommodate the program, cloud computing stores the program in the cloud and allows you to access it from a variety of devices.

You will no longer be tethered to your office desk if you need to sign in to your email, operational accounts, and even production programs. The cloud stores the data for you, and your devices serve basically like windows into the data, instead of having to also be processing systems to run the data itself.

The cloud frees us from reliance on the physical memory and processing power of our devices. Your business benefits from this because you do not have to store all the programs you need on local systems, and your local systems can be anything from a smartphone to a tablet to a laptop.

Gaining access to your data anywhere makes your business more mobile so that you can take advantage of the increasingly remote workplace of the modern world. Your office might be a Starbucks, and by signing into Wi-Fi on whatever device you please and signing into your cloud account, you have full access to everything you would at a physical office space for your business.

The Cloud Allows for Software Rentals Instead of Purchases

The cloud exists to streamline your operations and also reduce your operating costs. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a permanent license to a software program you then have to physically install on your hard drive, then eventually pay more for an upgrade, you can rent programs for dozens of dollars each month from the cloud.

By renting programs over the cloud, you can purchase and use them as needed and always be using the most up-to-date version of the software. Knowing which operations of your business might be better off in the cloud can sometimes be difficult to determine, which is why having an IT specialist from Nicolet Tech on your team can ensure that you make the most of technology to maximize efficiency and profits for your business.

Connect an IT Specialist From Nicolet Tech to Take Your Business Into the Clouds

A business that effectively incorporates the cloud will pay the least in operating costs for essential data services and programs, and the business data can be accessed by team members remotely from any modern device capable of linking to the internet. Getting into the cloud will elevate your business, reach out to a specialist at Nicolet Tech today at (651) 240-2202for a consultation to discuss your options.


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