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How Tech Professionals Can Help Your Business

Russell Nicolet

Your business-no matter what kind of business it is-runs on technology in one way or another, which makes paying attention to your tech paramount. It’s not uncommon to have tech concerns but not to have any idea how to assess them-much less address them-and this is where experienced tech professionals come in.

Why Technology Matters

Technology fuels your business’s growth by:

  • Enhancing the security of your data from bad actors (both internally and externally)
  • Bolstering business processes, such as point of sale, finance, and accounting systems
  • Enhancing automation, which in turn, enhances employee productivity
  • Bolstering connectivity between all the working parts and major players
  • Expanding your sales reach in the community, throughout the nation, or globally

Why Technology Is Important for Small Businesses Specifically

If you’re a small business owner, you may think technology has little relevance for you-other than the obvious ways that every business uses technology in the modern business space. If this is your outlook, however, you’re not doing yourself or your business any favors. Technology has applications that are relevant to you specifically.

Improved Communication and Access

Smaller businesses once needed to rely on word of mouth to bring in business because advertising cost too much. Those days, however, are gone-thanks to evolving technology.

Now, every business, regardless of its size, can participate on a somewhat level playing field in terms of communicating with consumers via blogs, social network platforms, emails, and beyond. You no longer need a big advertising or outreach budget to meet the people where they live, which makes maximizing your tech capabilities essential.

Increased Reach

If you have a local business but want to expand your reach, it's difficult-if not impossible-to do without up-to-date technology. The cost of setting up satellite outposts is exorbitant, but turning to online trade is very doable. Technology can also bolster your reach within your community.

When John Q. Public is looking for whatever services or consumer goods you offer, they check their phone and head out. When they can find you, it significantly increases your chances of connecting with your newest potentially loyal customer.

Enhanced Automation

Focus your employees' efforts on what they do best-not on reinventing the wheel every time a problem arises. Updating your tech helps maximize your ability to automate, which supports increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

Turning to a Tech Pro

Bolstering your tech helps to bolster your business, and a seasoned tech professional can help in many ways.

Easy Access to Analytics

Technology for technology’s sake is not going to advance your cause, but one clear advantage of effective technology is analytics, which:

  • Measures consumer engagement
  • Offers statistical information regarding how to attract a target audience
  • Shares conversion-rate enhancers
  • Targets the competition
  • Makes better-informed tactical business decisions

Ensuring Client Security

Security breaches of any kind or magnitude can have lasting effects that some businesses simply can't bounce back from. Cybercrimes are on the rise-especially for small to midsize businesses-and they can be as damaging to you financially as they are in terms of your reputation. In other words, there is no wiggle room in your cybersecurity, which is a critical component of client security.

Increasing Client Satisfaction

There is more to keeping your clients happy than securing their data well.

When your technology is working on all cylinders, it allows you to provide improved customer service by attending to their comments, complaints, and concerns in real-time with the ease of services like:

  • Chatbots
  • Self-service customer portals that allow customers and clients to find the answers to common questions, such as-What are your hours?-from anywhere on your website or app
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Help desk software that helps coordinate incoming customer inquiries from multiple channels, including social media, voice, email, and chat
  • AI-powered workflow automation, which can speed up the processes for recommended replies, relevant tutorials, and much more

Increased Productivity of Your Team

As mentioned, enhanced technology can bolster productivity by allowing your team to focus on collaborations that get the job at hand done well-without having to fight technology, duplicate efforts repeatedly, or go around in circles when communicating with one another. Tools such as human resources management and management information systems can help.

Using the Cloud

You know that the cloud can streamline your tech, but you may be leery of committing fully, which can feel like free-falling at the start. Your skilled tech professional will help you better understand how cloud applications and cloud systems can help your business harness the full power of its potential while taking manageable steps to get there.

The cloud allows you to provide your employees with more flexibility by significantly increasing their mobile access, which is primary to employee satisfaction-and productivity.

Increased Agility of Your Company and Workforce

When your technology is everything you need it to be, you're better prepared to respond to changes in the market and shifts in your industry smoothly. Lag time can directly affect your bottom line and leave you scrambling to keep up.

A tech professional can help you stay current-to balance your tech budget, productivity, and agility.

An Experienced Tech Pro Is on Your Side and Here to Help

Russel Nicolet, founder & president of Nicolet Tech, Inc.

Technology is often overwhelming to business owners like you, but it is what tech professionals do, and they’re standing by to help your technology work for you. Business technology is no longer a luxury or an afterthought-it is integral to maintaining your market share-and technology professionals have the know-how to help.
Reach out to a trusted company for a discussion about your tech needs today.


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