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How IT Professionals Can Save Your Business Money

Russell Nicolet

It may not be possible to employ your own in-house IT team when you run a small business or are just starting operation, but you can save money and still meet your IT needs by hiring trusted IT professional consultants.

While you might not want to include the cost of IT support in your company budget, working with the right IT experts will inevitably save you money in the long run. Outsourcing your IT needs is cost-effective for your business. 

Efficiency Is the Name of the Game

A salesperson cannot effectively contact customers without a smartphone, and a lawyer will struggle without a copier and printer for all those contracts. Technology can make work easier or, on the flip side, can make it more difficult. The right technology makes a difference. Businesses need to use the proper technology to increase their efficiency. What works for one type of business may not work for another type.

As a business owner, you may not have the time or the knowledge to choose the right technology to help run your business. Still, an experienced IT professional has the time and the know-how to select the appropriate technology necessary to run your business efficiently.

With the proper hardware, software, and devices, productivity will increase, employee performance will improve, and everyone will save time. This, in turn, will lead to better customer service and increased revenue. Experienced technicians can help you select the most efficient technology for your business needs.

Avoiding Data Breaches

A data breach can create an extremely expensive problem for your business. The data your business stores regarding your financials, business plans, and clients’ personal information is valuable and needs to be safe and secure. If a breach occurs, your and your clients’ confidential information will be in jeopardy.

Not only will you lose business and money, but your business may also lose its reputation, resulting in future losses. So, keeping your data and the confidential data of your customers safe should be one of your top priorities as a business owner. Outsourcing data security will cost you upfront but save you from a disastrous data breach.

A data breach can occur when a cyber criminal attacks your system with a phishing scam, malware, spyware, or some newfangled cyber-attack. Additionally, a data breach can also come from an untrustworthy employee. To protect against both, IT experts can set up safeguards to prevent data loss.

IT experts can better recognize risks facing your business, and their precautions will help prevent a devastating financial loss due to a hacker, scammer, or cyber-criminal attack. Threats to sensitive, private data are everywhere, but your company will lessen the risk with a reliable IT partner.

You can also diminish the stress from a data breach with the help of a trusted IT partner who can mitigate any damage and resolve issues quickly, allowing you to get back to running your business. Collaborating with IT professionals can give you peace of mind, knowing someone is looking out for your interests. 

Disaster Recovery

If the unthinkable happens and some natural disaster occurs, your operations may cease to operate, causing you to lose money and business. An IT partner can provide a few important services when your business shuts down due to a disaster.

An IT professional can help you get your operation back up and running after any kind of disaster recovery. They will know how to communicate with your providers and can assess damage and plan for recovery. The sooner you recover from the disaster and get your systems up and running, the sooner you can recoup the costs from the disaster. 

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has grown increasingly popular for consumers as well as businesses. Cloud storage is a virtual database protected from environmental disasters spread out worldwide, allowing data support without a physical location.

Cloud storage enables users to access their data and information from anywhere the cloud can be accessed. For example, you can see your data at the office, on your smartphone, or at home. Cloud storage allows you to access the data whenever you need it and ensures that your business won’t lose everything if there is some sort of disaster due to weather or a data breach.

A successful business owner must manage data and store it safely. A secure cloud storage solution is the answer to keeping track of important files and data. A trustworthy IT partner will make sure cloud storage works for your needs and help you find the most suitable cloud storage for your business. This type of storage will provide business continuity if data is stolen or unreachable by normal means.

Cloud storage does not have to cost your company an arm and a leg. Let an outside IT company discuss the options available and the pricing so you can budget accordingly.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

Cloud backup is a great option, but many IT companies also offer data backup and recovery services which can save you a lot in the long run. If there is some sort of disaster or your data gets stolen, your IT partner can recover what was lost. In the event of a loss, your business can quickly recover and continue providing services with limited disruption. The value of backup recovery operations is immense in providing peace of mind and business continuity even after the unthinkable happens. Recovering backed-up data after a loss is a huge benefit to working with an IT professional. 

Talk to a Trusted IT Professional Today About Your Company’s Needs

Russel Nicolet, founder & president of Nicolet Tech, Inc.

There is enough to deal with when running a business; cybersecurity threats should not be on your list of things to worry about. Leave cybersecurity to the IT professionals. It is their job to keep your pertinent and confidential data and the data of your valued customers safe.

Cyber-attacks can be devastating and can bankrupt a small business. Don’t let that happen to your company. IT professionals have upfront costs, but make the financial rewards and safety benefits well worth it.


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