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Hardware Solutions for Small Businesses

Russell Nicolet

You may be starting a new business or updating and re-evaluating your current business hardware. Either way, figuring out what kind of hardware your business needs can be a daunting task. You face so many options, systems, and decisions. Moreover, the perfect hardware you found for your company five years ago might be obsolete now.

IT professionals can help your small business with these important decisions and guide you toward the right purchases and hardware solutions for your specific needs. Important things to consider when building your hardware arsenal include creating a budget, your business needs, document storage, performance, device mobility, and more.

Creating a Budget

Hardware can cost enormous sums. Buying desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, copiers, scanners, and various other technologies adds up significantly. An experienced IT consulting firm will advise you on what you need and help you make smart decisions for your business. Reputable IT professionals have good working relationships with hardware vendors and will seek the best deals for your small business.

Moreover, some industry-standard software will only run on Mac or Windows operating systems, not both. An professional IT consultant can determine which machines you need to effectively run your business.

Business Needs

The hardware you invest in must meet your specific production needs. If everything your business does happens online, you will not want to purchase the most expensive or advanced copier. However, you will need the right storage for all your documentation. A detailed evaluation of your business needs is essential for making the right decisions. A professional IT group will have the resources, expertise, and time to evaluate your needs and plan efficiently for your particular tasks. 

Document Storage

As stated above, if you will be downloading and saving a lot of documents, you will need a sufficient amount of storage on your devices. An IT expert can help you determine your storage needs and point you in the right direction. Small business owners must consider how much space they will need and whether cloud storage is suitable. The IT professional will know what your business’s storage requirements and find the appropriate system to meet your needs. 

Device Performance

Processing power is a key component to purchasing the right hardware. Depending on the type of business you run, you may need more or less processing power. The higher the processing speed of your device, the more you can do with the device. It follows that the more processing power you purchase, the cost of your hardware will increase.

An IT professional can help you navigate this expensive purchase and assist you in making a smart and prudent purchase. If you are not tech-savvy and don’t have time to learn about processing speeds and CPUs, seeking the advice of an IT expert or consulting company makes a lot of sense. 

Mobility of Devices

The buzzword today is mobility. Remote work is key to many new businesses and must be a consideration when buying hardware. Laptops and tablets will be necessary if employees work remotely, but desktops will also be necessary if employees are regularly working from an office. Many professionals work remotely and in offices today, so consulting with an IT expert will help to inform decisions on how to structure your hardware purchases to facilitate productivity and accommodate your specific business needs. 

Equipment Necessary for Small Businesses

Computers, including desktops, laptops, and even tablets, are necessary to be competitive in today’s digital world. It is difficult to run a business without them.

External hard drives are often essential for small business owners, especially if their work consists of confidential, sensitive data. An IT specialist can explain the differences in hard drives and the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage for small businesses.

Depending on your business needs, you may need a networking system to connect to the internet and ensure that all office machines communicate with each other. If your employees strictly work remotely, this will not be necessary.

If you have in-office employees, you must make sure all their devices, printers, and copiers can talk to each other. You may need a wireless router to connect all telephones and computers to the internet. The many options for servers and storage can be confusing. It may be wise to hire an IT expert who can explain all possibilities.

Printers, copiers, and scanners are necessary items for small businesses. The work your company performs will influence your purchase decisions. For example, a small software company does not need the printing and copying capacity a busy insurance agency needs.

Business needs will vary, and an IT professional has the experience and knowledge to point you toward the appropriate hardware purchases for your particular type of business.

Smartphones are an inevitable need for anyone doing business in the 21st century. This technology changes constantly, and new features get added every day. An experienced IT company can help you determine the best phones for your employees depending on the needs and responsibilities of your users.

Other hardware items might be necessary depending on the type of business you are running. Retail companies and other types of businesses need a way to receive money and customer payments. You may need cash registers and/or point-of-sale systems. Many types of point-of-sale systems perform all kinds of services. While trying to run your business, figuring out what your company needs for hardware can be overwhelming. Outsourcing these tasks to a respected and knowledgeable IT company can be helpful for the small business owner. 

Why Hire IT Professionals to Help With Hardware Solutions?

Russel Nicolet, founder & president of Nicolet Tech, Inc.

A reliable IT professional team will work with reputable hardware vendors to recommend hardware solutions specific to your business needs. If you do not know what type of hardware your business needs to maximize productivity and efficiency, consult with a highly skilled IT professional to devise a hardware strategy. Their expertise and knowledge will allow you to make smart purchases, leading to better business and more profits.

Let an experienced IT professional review your company’s hardware solutions and recommend the proper changes to ensure complete security for your documents and confidential information.


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