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​What Kind of Computer Software Do Small Businesses Need?

Russell Nicolet

The type of software that your business requires will vary depending upon the industry you are in, the kind of clients you work with, and how you operate your business. We'll explore various software solutions and information technology options to support your company's efficiency and profitability.

The IT professionals from Nicolet Tech can answer your specific questions and work with you to create a customized software suite to cover your organization's specific needs.

Cybersecurity Software to Protect Your Business and Client Data

When heading a business that deals with clients and their important personal and financial information, you must keep that information safe. If a hacker breaks into your system, steals all of your clients’ credit card information, then drains all of their accounts, you might receive a few very angry calls from customers wondering how the thieves gained access to their information.

Companies that fail to protect their customers’ sensitive information face substantial issues concerning their image and the level of trust that customers have in the company. Issues with cyber security can erode consumer trust in your business and lead to a significant decline in income.

Cybersecurity software protects the sensitive information of your business and your customers. You might have heard of “anti-virus software,” which helps keep unwanted eyes out of your systems and out of your files. The threats your sensitive data faces are increasing and changing by the day, making some cybersecurity software obsolete almost as quickly as you can purchase and install it.

Nicolet Tech can analyze what sensitive data your company regularly works with and what cybersecurity solutions will best support safety in your company.

Inventory Management and Logistical Management

Creating a product with strong demand is difficult enough, let alone effectively managing the inventory of inputs that create the product and the number of products available to sell to the end consumer.

Inventory management software can help to streamline your company’s logistics, reducing costs while improving efficiency and profitability. We can implement inventory management software for your production, sourcing, and sales.

Inventory management in terms of production is a key part of logistical management for your business. When we effectively and accurately implement production inventory management systems into your organization, you will know when you need to order a particular input or part for your products, meaning you have finished products ready to sell when consumer demand emerges.

This element of inventory management stems in part from Toyota, whose “just-in-time” production and inventory management approach helps the company make more off of each sale by spending less on inventory holding costs and other related expenses.

The benefits of inventory management in terms of your company’s logistics do not stop at sourcing but extend right into sales. When your inventory system integrates into your sales, you have an accurate, up-to-date count on your products and know what is selling well, what can sell better, and what might not be selling.

Knowing what you have in stock is essential to support future sales and determine your company's steps toward increasing profitability and sales. Nicolet Tech can help you establish an inventory management system that spans the entirety of your business cycle - from sourcing to sales - so that you are ready to meet the growing demand your software solutions will cultivate.

Client Data Tracking and Engagement Software

When your business works with customers you hope to return for repeat business, you need to properly save and store client data. These programs can save your business a great deal of time when it comes to reaching out to existing clients for invoicing or marketing future business opportunities.

Entering your clients’ data into your system is important for existing business and future relationship maintenance. This information will be essential to communicate with existing clients concerning their current projects with your company.

Storing your clients’ data is also valuable for building future business. You can use this client database to create mailing lists to send your customers regular newsletters and updates on your current products and services. Clients can opt in or out of newsletters, so you don’t have to worry about bothering anyone who isn’t happy to receive the information you are sending them.

Nicolet Tech can help you establish a system for handling client intake and data storage and set up an engagement program to help you stay connected with customers to encourage repeat business.

The proper execution of your marketing efforts begins with the right software - where Nicolet Tech comes in. We can review your goals for client contact and implement software that will support your campaign. Our services can help you achieve the best possible return on your software and marketing investments.

Client Contact Software for Businesses

Sending regular email marketing communications to your customers makes them feel more connected to your business and more likely to make another purchase. There are many software programs available on the market through which you can implement email marketing campaigns, and a common software solution is MailChimp. You can store your clients’ email addresses and other information to easily disperse widespread information at once through these programs.

You might not know how to create an email campaign, but having all the necessary contact information in one place is where you start. Our IT professionals can help determine whether your company will benefit from client contact and marketing software. Having an IT service provider like Nicolet Tech is like having an IT professional on your team, but without having to pay them a salary and healthcare benefits.

Marketing software options online run from free to rather costly, and the various options will include a wide variety of benefits and options for your business. These can sometimes be confusing, and you may purchase more than you had intended or a solution that does not suit your needs and goals.

By working with an experienced organization like Nicolet Tech, you can rest assured that we will keep your needs and goals in mind when implementing a software suite in your company. This ensures you have the solutions you need while avoiding overspending on software that you do not need.

Client Leads and Follow-up Scheduling

The email marketing opportunities mentioned above aim to establish ongoing engagement with existing customers and get potential customers into the loop. When you use online marketing or other methods to get leads, you need to keep track of those leads in client management programs. We can sit down and discuss the needs and goals of your business and how software can help keep track of leads and client management in general.

Automated scheduling and follow-up scheduling help you stay connected with existing customers and encourage repeat business. You might not want to invest in a receptionist to handle answering phone calls and coordinating times with your clients. Fortunately, this can all be done instantly online through scheduling software. This software removes the necessity of having a human operator for your business who is on the clock to answer calls and address your clients’ schedules.

Instead, your clients can simply sign in, see the times available to schedule, then pick an appointment that fits their schedule without any issues. The scheduling software can also send the client reminders or seek out confirmations before appointments so that you don't show up for appointments that your customers don't intend to keep.

Automated follow-up scheduling through scheduling software can also help encourage repeat business for your firm without worrying about keeping a calendar of reminders to send to customers. If you run a business that clients use for maintenance services, like a car mechanic shop or a dentist's office, reminding customers that they are due for an oil change or a tooth cleaning helps increase your company's revenue.

Not having to remember to send any of these reminders because you can depend on a well-established and constructed client management software system can remove stress from your day-to-day life with your business and support future revenue.

Accounting Software

At first, a small business might require simple accounting, and you might handle it all in-house. However, as your business grows, so will your customer and vendor base, and you will have more invoices to track and process. The software can perform some of the tasks of a full-time accountant or bookkeeper.

The type of software you need depends on your accounting complexities. Our team can review your accounting needs and help you select and install the right accounting software for your business.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Existing Software?

Many small businesses have already implemented certain software programs that might not be effective. You might have used the same software programs for years, and you might realize the effectiveness is decreasing. Perhaps the software is outdated or cannot address your growing business needs.

If you do not need completely new software, our IT team can review the software you have and advise how you might update it. We know available updates and can handle the process. If we cannot adequately update the software to meet your needs, we can advise on replacement options.

Outsourcing Software and IT Services Saves Your Business Time and Money

The cost of hiring a full-time IT professional in-house can be high, and it can also be difficult to determine whether or not the person has the exact skills you need to accomplish the goals you have set out for them until they get started on the job. You might hire an IT manager who can function extremely well for a large corporate employer but has no idea how a small business runs or its needs. Doing so is a waste of time, energy, and funds.

Deciding to outsource your IT services is a choice to maximize your time and energy for the important decisions and business demands - not trying to navigate IT concerns. The best way to sink a new company is to spread its resources too thin, and all too often, new companies try to take on too much and fail to do well in many areas. A failure to do well in online marketing and software can lead to substantial costs and losses in potential business.

Nicolet Tech can handle your technology needs ranging from software purchasing, upgrading, and maintenance to best facilitate your client relationship management and operations. We engage in a conversation with you first to learn more about your business and how our services can increase your company’s effectiveness, consumer connectivity, and, ultimately, bottom line.

Nicolet Tech Is Here to Custom-Build Your Business Systems

Russel Nicolet, founder & president of Nicolet Tech, Inc.

Running your business requires your full attention, and having an IT service professional from Nicolet Tech allows you to focus on your business while we handle your IT services and needs.

Whether that includes a major software overhaul, new software implementation, or simply a minor upgrade to your existing systems to make them more efficient, we are here to help and ready to consult on how we can meet your computer software needs.

We work with small businesses in many industries, including healthcare, legal, finance, manufacturing, tech, and more.

Our experts know that each company thrives with different software solutions, and we can help to:

  • Select the right solutions for you
  • Handle installation and implementation of all software
  • Provide training to staff on software use
  • Provide maintenance of existing software systems
  • Upgrade software when necessary

We can custom-tailor your software to your operations and concerns. Our software professionals work closely with your team to identify and address pain points. Do not wait to learn how software updates can improve your business. We can begin assessing your needs and designing a plan today.

To learn more about our services and get to know the team that will support your business's IT demands, get in touch with a team member right now at (651) 240-2202!


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