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Woodbury Cloud-Based Solutions

Everywhere you turn these days, you hear about cloud-based solutions. The reality is that cloud-based solutions can benefit your Woodbury business if you implement them right.

You need to choose the right programs and IT professionals to help you with setup and maintenance. If you choose the wrong system, you can put your business at risk and waste substantial amounts of money.

There is only one place you should turn when looking for Woodbury cloud-based solutions: Nicolet Tech.

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Why the cloud?

The cloud has little to do with the sky and everything to do with your network and technology.

The cloud is a network of servers that uses the internet, software, and various databases. All of this happens outside of your business. You do not need space to house servers and other hardware, so you can use that space for other essential business purposes.

You will also benefit from cloud storage because you do not have to worry about the physical security of your data.

Many things can compromise your data in in-house servers. Too much humidity can damage your servers. Disaster can strike your facilities.

The cloud eliminates many of these concerns. With the cloud, you place your data on several servers, and you can still access it through other servers if one sustains damage.

Before you invest in cloud-based solutions, you should assess whether your business needs these services. For example, consider cloud-based solutions if you have more than one computer where you store pertinent information. You can connect every device that accesses your network to save information in one location. Anyone with access to this server can access this information.

If your Woodbury business is considering cloud-based solutions, discuss your options with Nicolet Tech. Our IT professionals will assess your company’s needs and identify cloud-based solutions to improve your data storage situation.

Woodbury Cloud-Based Solutions

Benefits of Cloud-Based Storage

When you use cloud-based solutions, you can free up office space, as you will eliminate in-house servers. This gives you more physical space and might save money on managing the back end of your network.

Nicolet Tech can set up cloud storage for your entire enterprise, so you can access your files from nearly anywhere. You also do not have to worry about natural disasters wiping out all of your files if your building suffers damage.

Further, remote work is becoming increasingly popular. Nearly 13 percent of employees work remotely full-time, while more than 25 percent have hybrid remote/office schedules.

Cloud-based storage allows you to access your files from anywhere and establish an efficient remote team.

You and employees may access your files using:

  • Email 
  • Calendars
  • Google G Suite
  • Microsoft Office 365 
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange 

You can access and manage all of these services and more.

Nicolet Tech can also set up VOIP phone services. This phone call-forwarding system allows your business calls to go to any phone you choose. Your customers can reach you, even when you aren't in the office.

These and other factors make cloud-based solutions so popular. Estimates indicate that between 2023 and 2028, the cloud backup market will increase by almost 25 percent as businesses reap the benefits of making the switch to the cloud.

When you store company data on the cloud, you must safeguard it from external threats or hackers and cyber attackers can steal it.

If you need off-site access, Nicolet Tech can implement security measures to prevent hackers from accessing your information.

Considerations for using the cloud 

While cloud-based solutions benefit most companies, consult our professionals about whether it is right for yours.

You might save money in the short term by using general consumer resources. But what happens when those consumer products fail?

Schedule a consultation with one of the IT professionals from Nicolet Tech. We can assess your needs and offer other technical services that can protect your company and continue your growth. Keep your company and client data safe with cloud-based solutions.

Cloud computing and your business 

Exposed client data can damage your reputation and business. As clients discover the data breach, they might stop doing business with you. You can also face costly legal liability in some situations. Small businesses may not recover from such a significant hit.

Antivirus software and other safeguards can prevent attacks, but they are not a failsafe solution.

Do not leave cybersecurity in the hands of hackers and malware software. Instead, talk to the IT professionals from Nicolet Tech about cloud-based solutions and security.

Call our trusted Woodbury IT professionals 

The workplace is changing. In the past, the workplace consisted of cubicles, break rooms, and internal servers. Now, the workplace can be anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud-based solutions can increase productivity for Woodbury companies and allow all remote employees to access the data they need to complete their work tasks. Employees can access, download, and upload work from anywhere.

Implementing the proper safeguards can also protect data sharing. When you need Woodbury cloud-based solutions, call the pros at Nicolet Tech at (715) 227-3310 for an initial consultation about the benefits of cloud computing.