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How VoIP Setup for Small Businesses Enhances Productivity and Profitability

Russell Nicolet

Running a business in 2021 might still look similar to a business run in 1980 if you prefer to keep things old school, but your profit margins and your productivity will jump into the 21st century if you start taking advantage of all that technology has to offer your business.

Email provides you with instant communication and saves you trips to the Post Office. Online catalogs with a search feature save you hours of scrolling through pages to find the supplies you need. And VoIP setups eliminate the need for phone lines and wires running all over your office floors by switching your phone services over onto the internet.

Reach out to Nicolet Tech to discuss how VoIP and other technological solutions might enhance your business and benefit your margins. Read on to learn more about how VoIP can benefit your business, beginning with what exactly VoIP is and then covering the associated productivity and profitability benefits that you can realize.

What is VoIP?

Before we jump fully into how VoIP can benefit your business, let’s take a quick moment to explain just what it is, as while we might know what the product is and how it can help, knowing what makes the product helps us use and understand it. VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” and it provides you with a method of placing and receiving phone calls over the internet.

At its most basic, you might look at VoIP as an alternative to your local telephone company, like how YouTubeTV or Netflix have taken the place of your local cable television provider. These technology-based solutions can have significant advantages for your business, as we’ll discuss.

How VoIP Works: A Very Basic Primer

Knowing that VoIP is essentially an internet-based phone service provides the foundation of knowledge needed to take a brief dive into how VoIP functions. Don’t worry, we won’t get too technical, as that’s for the experts at Nicolet Tech to worry about, but knowing how it works will help you understand how safe VoIP calling is and how convenient it can be to make your calls internet-based rather than tethered to phone lines or devices.

When you have VoIP in your business, you or your team members can make a call from your computer, smartphone, or even a VoIP phone set if you’d prefer to have something resembling a landline around. The VoIP application or adapter then converts your analog sound wave into a digital wave, and then sends the digital wave through your internet router into the servers of your VoIP service, which then routes it on to the final customer, who receives the digital signal converted into analog sound.

It might sound complicated, but all you need to know is that once you hire Nicolet Tech to install VoIP for your business, you won’t have to worry about the logistics and will receive a completed and functioning system and a tutorial on how to make the most of it.

Why Choose VoIP For Your Business Phone Service?

VoIP is popular among company owners who want to increase the productivity and accessibility of their business phones by switching over to an internet-based service provider. Instead of your landline or work cell phone, you can make your business calls through the VoIP service. The VoIP service can be an application on your smartphone, or a program on your computer or tablet, meaning that all the phones and screens associated with your business will be integrated into your business phone service seamlessly, and you can make and receive calls from whichever devices you prefer.

While in the past, the point of business phone service was centralization, with a business line answered by a receptionist and forwarded into the office. However, today’s remote flexibility in terms of where you work - or even if your receptionist is in this country - can add value to your business.

You can integrate your VoIP system with a remote receptionist system that runs 24/7, so you can rest assured that you won’t miss out on any potential new clients if you are away from your business phone service. Some customers leave voicemails while others simply hang up, but having a live operator linked to your VoIP provides your consumer base with the ongoing ability to connect with someone at your company and potentially give you their business.

VoIP Costs Less Per Month to Operate than Local Telephone Services

When you are operating a business in the modern environment, you’ll be getting calls from area codes all over the country, especially if you are operating in a large market. Individuals no longer dial from the local area code using a landline, and so there is no need for you to tether yourself to a service that might provide unlimited free local calling, but can become costly if you are dialing long distance and connecting with users across the nation or even world.

Internet-based phone plans through an effective VoIP system can position you to call anywhere on the planet using your internet service for the same low monthly price. If cost is one of your primary concerns regarding your office phone service, VoIP can present a significant advantage, allowing you to invest those cost savings elsewhere.

Connect With Nicolet Tech to Bring Your Business Phone Service into the 21st Century

For more information on how VoIP can benefit the productivity and profitability of your business, reach out to a specialist at Nicolet Tech today for your consultation at (651) 240-2202 to discuss options. Our specialists can assess the present status of your business systems, and whether you are looking for phone service alone or an upgrade to your overall operating systems and hardware, we can present options on how to upgrade, explaining in full what the upgrades entail, how they will benefit your business, and how much they will cost.

The value your business will experience by investing in technology is substantial, and Nicolet Tech is here to guide you through the process.


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