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How Email Security Services Help Protect Your Business

Russell Nicolet

Operating a business in the modern environment requires that you take advantage of the internet in most industries, whether to communicate with your business team or with your customers. Email is an effective way to communicate information about your brand and also to take in information from your customers to help them onboard as clients so you can get to working together.

When you accept data from your clients or communicate information about your business to inside or outside parties, you must keep this information secure. In this article, we’ll explain what email security is, how it protects the data of your business and customers, and the value of using a professional service like Nicolet Tech to get proper security implemented.

Reach out to Nicolet Tech to learn more about the value of email security services for your unique business.

What Is Email Security?

We know how to keep our homes and cars secure by making sure that we close and lock the doors and windows. When it comes to computers, the term windows does fit, but are there doors? How do we lock the doors and windows on our computers so that we can keep people from peeking inside through windows or stepping inside through doors?

The answer is email security, but it is not as simple as turning a lock. However, if you purchase the right email security system, you won’t have to do anything at all. Once we establish an effective email security system in your system, it functions automatically like your heartbeat - you don’t have to worry about it.

The professionals at Nicolet Tech can review your business and its data process, then suggest an email security system that provides just the right amount of security you need for your business and your customer data.

How Does Email Security Work?

Locking the figurative locks on the doors and windows of your emails and business data happens through a variety of procedures and techniques to protect your email and surrounding computer systems from breaches. Email breaches generally happen in one of two ways.

In one, the data in the email itself is targeted and harvested for information that might lead to the potential theft of data or money using it. You can protect against this and the negative impacts if it happens, as we discuss below.

One of the largest threats to your business faces from email is when another party manages to install malware through your email onto your systems.

Malware is software that mimics a real program and gains access to your records and data systems. While stolen data from your emails might be harmful, they generally do not contain the full credit card or contact information of your clients or important financial data, like your bank account information. Through malware delivered from an infected email, hackers can gain access to the full information of your business and could steal the company’s cash and all your clients’ personal information.

A well-informed and comprehensive email security system that integrates with your other system security measures helps to ensure that your e-commerce and marketing efforts are secure and protected, so you can focus on running your business and maximizing profit while the professionals at Nicolet Tech handle your security.

Customer Trust Is Hard-Won, Easily Lost, and Even More Difficult to Win Back

Collecting information and processing data through email is very efficient and can save your business time. However, you also run the risk of a potential data breach through which a malicious third party can access and steal the information contained in your email. They call hackers malicious because they have bad intent, generally to take your money or identity information to make a copy of your credit to take money out in your name, and eventually ruin your credit.

These kinds of scams are common for hackers, and email hacking schemes will seek to exploit your data in a similar way. Your business data is internal, but when there is a breach in the security of the customers’ data, you may lose them forever as a customer.

Data Breaches Can Lose Trust in Your Business

Data breaches happen more often than you might think to corporations, and customer data can be at risk in a variety of ways. A recent example of a data breach that received substantial public attention involved the popular streaming service Twitch, owned by Amazon.

Customers expressed public concern over the breach and a loss of trust in the company. During the attack, it seemed as though customer data was not an immediate target. But the blueprint of Twitch’s system was the target, which, in time, will allow the hackers to learn the system and to gain access to customer emails and additional credit card processing data.

When hackers gain entry and compromise a system, whether through email-delivered malware or otherwise, you and your clients can lose a great deal of not only money but brand goodwill.

Losing the trust of your clientele can lead to a decrease in your return business, even after you recover from a breach and make efforts at repairing the image of your business. The repercussions of identity theft can also be far-reaching, and you want to protect your business, employees, and customers’ information to prevent such financial damage.

Connect With a Specialist at Nicolet Tech Now to Discuss Email Security Services Now

A compromised system can wreak havoc on your business, bringing ongoing operations to a halt and losing customer goodwill should the theft of their data occur. To ensure that your business has full technological protections and your emails are secure, establishing a comprehensive system security plan provides the support your business needs to focus on operating without the worry of being compromised.
Email security is only one component of a comprehensive technological scheme for your business. Reach out to a specialist at Nicolet Tech today at (651) 240-2202for a consultation to discuss options.


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