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What Are the Benefits of the New 5G Network?

Russell Nicolet

There’s been a lot of talk about the new 5G technology and when it will come to replace the mobile network we have now. While it may appear that the implementation of it is taking a long time, lots of backend work is being done currently to build and launch the infrastructure required.

What is 5G?

The 5G network will disrupt how we use technology now and allow for technological innovations in the future. We laid out some of the incredible benefits of 5G below. Before we get into the benefits of 5G, let’s start with a quick description. 5G is the 5th generation mobile network, it will go on to replace the current 4G LTE network. It’s predicted to have a much larger impact and role due to its capabilities.

5 Benefits of 5G

1. Faster Speeds & Lower Latency

The most noticeable benefit will be speed. This includes faster loading times and download speeds. 5G will basically eliminate loading time since the latency, or wait in searches and requests, will be reduced to just milliseconds.

The higher data rates will also allow for content to be downloaded more quickly. With 4G right now, the download speeds are around 20Mbps. The expected download speeds for 5G are 500 to 1500Mbps. That’s over a 2400% increase in speed from 4G to 5G.

The Guardian used the example of downloading an HD movie, with 4G it takes around 30 minutes but with the same movie on 5G, it would take 25 seconds. This improvement in speed is significant. The higher data rates are going to make a better and more uniform user experience on devices and technologies. This benefit of a rise in speed and data rates will be one of the first to impact and be appreciated by consumers and businesses.

2. Expanded Capacity & Connectivity

The next benefit of 5G is the connectivity and capacity. Since 5G is a bigger network it will have a larger capacity of devices to be used in the same area. It’s predicted to support 100x more traffic capacity than 4G. Meaning, for every 1 device that 4G can handle, 5G can handle 100 devices in the same area. Due to this capacity, generally, users should lose signal less often as well.

The strength of 5G will allow for more and easier connectivity between devices. With 5G our phones and experiences with other technologies, like VR, AR, AI, and the many more to come are predicted to become more interconnected than ever.

3. Efficiency

Executives and business owners should get excited about the benefit 5G will have on how they do business. Stronger broadband network will allow businesses to work more efficiently, produce more, and reduce costs.

5G is going to enhance how we use our current technologies and bring about other technologies that improve processes in many businesses. Artificial Intelligence will become easier to incorporate and improve upon. Being able to automate and increase the efficiency of certain processes will in time reduce costs and increase production across many industries.

Data is another aspect of business that will increase. With faster speed and better technology, the amount of data we are able to collect will continue to grow. With a higher quality broadband network, remote work is going to become more reliable, feasible, and productive for varying businesses and job descriptions.

Specifically, industries such as retail, entertainment, automotive, manufacturing, and logistics will benefit and improve greatly from higher-quality operations and data collection.

4. Technological Advancements

As mentioned above, another benefit of this new network is the technological advancements to come. 5G is said to advance the progress in autonomous or self-driving cars. This network will also impact the healthcare field greatly and speed up industrial processes and machines. The majority of the technological benefits no one can predict. It simply opens the door to new inventions and enhancements to our current lives.

5. Enhanced Economy

The fifth and final benefit from 5G that we are listing is economic. With faster speed and data rates, larger capacity, more efficient businesses, and technological advancements all lead to an improvement in the economy. Through a 5G economy study, Qualcomm found that 5G will support so many industries and increase production of various types.

According to Qualcomm, “The study also revealed that the 5G value chain (OEMs, operators, content creators, app developers, and consumers) could alone generate up to $3.5 trillion in overall aggregate revenue by 2035 and support up to 22 million jobs.” While this is an estimate, it’s clear that with new technologies and innovations improving multiple established and new industries, the economy will benefit.


It may be hard to see the kind of impact 5G will have on your business and when; however, it’s evident that the effect of 5G will be impressive and beneficial for most individuals, businesses, and industries.


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