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Five IT Business Trends to Look for in 2022

Russell Nicolet

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As with technology in general, IT services and solutions for businesses evolve and develop with time, generally quite rapidly. To stay competitive in the modern environment, you need to keep your business in line with modern trends. While it was once fashionable to use for email addresses and to accept checks through snail mail for payment, in the modern environment, is the main email solution, and instant online payments are the norm, as paper checks are almost unheard of.

If a business uses an AOL address and only takes payment in the form of paper checks, Our IT professionals know they are likely missing out on a great deal of potential profit. Failing to take advantage of current trends can be equally as costly to your business, and in this article, we’ll cover five trends to consider for your business in 2022.

Trend 1: Email Marketing Is King

In 2022, an increasingly common business IT solution is email subscription lists. If you visited a website for a large retail company anytime lately, the site likely invited you to join its email list, often in exchange for a discount and/or free shipping on your first order.

The discount code arrives in your email account, and you can use it on an initial purchase of a product or service. Unless the recipient takes the proactive step to unsubscribe from the list, they will receive regular, periodic emails from the company promoting new products.

Any marketing class will teach you that consumer exposure leads to sales. Converting an interested customer into a paying client is often made possible simply by ongoing exposure, which is why advertising campaigns work. When clients remember a product or service, they are more likely to purchase it. Joining an email subscription list puts your product or service in front of them regularly. Our email marketing professionals can teach you how to incorporate an email list onto your website so you can begin taking advantage of this trend.

Trend 2: Consumer Polling

Interested and engaged consumers are more likely to complete a purchase than disinterested and disengaged consumers, and incorporating consumer participation into your business can build upon interest and engagement.

For example, if your company produces socks and is considering a new color, polling your existing customers on what color they want can benefit your sales volume. When consumers are involved in product development and get to exercise choice, they feel more connected to the product and more likely to feel a need to buy it to make it a part of their life.

We can help you implement a poll on your website to invite the involvement and participation of your customers to support sales.

Trend 3: Customer Service AI

The customer service bot is increasingly taking the place of FAQ lists. Rather than going to the “Frequently Asked Questions” link and sorting through lists of categories and individual questions, consumers are more often opening a chat window and directing their questions to a bot.

Artificial Intelligence drives the bot, which tries to determine what the customer is asking, then provides them with the most appropriate answer from what is essentially an interactive FAQ. When a customer cannot find an answer through the bot, they may have the option of reaching out to a human representative.

If customer service is a part of your organization, having a customer service AI solution will help your business save employee time while providing customers with the answers they need faster. Rather than asking customers to navigate a lengthy FAQ, they instead may ask the chatbox their question, likely be directed straight to the answer they seek, and if not, directed to an employee. This reduces employee time spent on providing basic customer service, so they can better apply their skills to more complex matters that require a person’s attention.

Trend 4: Automation

Russel Nicolet, founder & president of Nicolet Tech, Inc.

An emerging IT trend supported through advances in processing and AI is the automation of processes within a business. For example, if you run a garage that repairs damage and requires that you send a copy of all repair costs to the insurance company within a day of completion, automation can streamline the process.

Through automation in our example, once you mark the repair as complete in the computer system, the system can generate a customer invoice, add the revenue to the accounting program of the garage, and send the insurance company its copy. This saves the garage the time of performing three functions simply by automating the process and clicking “complete” on any job after.

Trend 5: Drone Technology

Let’s face it, robots are cool, and in the early 21st century, more common. Businesses of all types increasingly use drones, whether for advertising photography or on-site delivery. If drones might benefit your company, we can discuss how you might incorporate them to make your business more innovative and stay in line with the trends in 2022.

Connect with Nicolet Tech to Keep Your Business on Top of 2022

Technology changes so fast that keeping up with it feels like a full-time job, and you have your own business to focus on. For us at Nicolet Tech, keeping up with current trends in technology to support our business clients and their companies is our job, and we are here to provide for all your IT services needs so you can focus on yours.

Contact to Nicolet Tech today at (651) 240-2202 for your risk-free consultation to explore how your business can make the most of 2022 IT trends in business. We stay on top of all your technological options so you can enjoy more efficient operations without having to sort through new trends.


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