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Hudson Computer Data Recovery Services

Hudson Computer Data Recovery Services

One thing that remains certain about business is that it will be a rollercoaster ride. The stars can align for your business one day, and then the next, your data is being breached. Even though it’s common for your business to experience ups and downs, preparation is key. It is easier to handle circumstances when you plan for them.

One of the plans that your business can use is a data recovery plan. Contact Nicolet Tech for your IT services when your business needs the best data recovery plan possible.

Disasters that can harm your business

Many situations can cause your business to lose its important data. These situations range from natural disasters to data breaches. When these disasters happen, they can affect your business’s bottom line.

When your data is lost without the proper recovery plan, it can take a long period to recover the data, if at all. The longer it takes to recover your data, the longer it will take your business to return to normal.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters like floods, storms, and fires can cause serious damage to your data. Besides the physical damage that it can do to your physical building, your hardware can become destroyed. It can take weeks to file a claim and have your insurance company cover the costs for repairs.

Human disasters

In addition to natural disasters, human disasters can cause you to lose your data. The worst thing that can happen to your business is a cyberattack. There are many ways a hacker can gain entry into your business’s database and compromise your data.

The most common method is through emails. Cybercriminals can send so many fraudulent emails to gain your employees’ personal information. Speaking of employees, that is another human disaster that can affect your business’s data.

A disgruntled employee can decide to engage in some illegal activity and compromise your business’ database.

The FBI Internet Crime Report for 2021 shows that there were more than 840,000 complaints of cybercrime reported to the agency by members of the public.

How a data recovery plan can help

Businesses with no data recovery plan have difficulty recovering from their data loss.

If a cybercriminal compromised your business’s data, it can take thousands of dollars to recoup that attack.

You can be liable for several data breach lawsuits if your customers’ personal information gets stolen. Having a data recovery plan will help your business avoid these legal issues. It can also reassure your customers that your business is still trustworthy.

Customers who lose their data from a data breach lose trust in the responsible business. They rarely continue to frequent that business again. A data recovery plan can save the future of your business. It can keep you from spending unnecessary time and money reacting to a disaster.

Nicolet Tech’s data recovery services

At Nicolet Tech, our company operates on the belief that every business deserves highly skilled IT technicians in their corner.

Our IT technicians can assess the technology needs quickly and correctly for our clients. Our IT techs have never encountered an IT issue we cannot solve.

We provide data recovery services like system restoration plans, equipment repair, and internal monitoring. 

System restoration plans

Before we begin any repairs, our IT techs will determine the amount of damage done and the damaged systems. Once we assess everything, we will then create a system restoration plan that can include features like equipment repair and security measures.

We design a customizable plan that fits our client’s business. Instead of focusing on selling you services you may not need, we suggest services that will benefit your business in the long term.

We offer our system restoration plan to get your business up and running as soon as possible. Our services will help reduce the damage your disaster will have on your business’s profitability.

Data retrieval from hardware

What sets Nicolet Tech apart is that we can retrieve our clients’ data from impossible situations. One of those impossible situations is damaged hardware. Some business owners believe that once a computer gets destroyed, it is impossible to retrieve any data from it. Our IT techs can give you the best chance of retrieving your data.

Equipment repair

Our IT techs can also include equipment repair in your data recovery plan. We can focus on saving whatever hardware possible and suggest great replacements for what we cannot repair.

Internal monitoring

Our IT techs can also suggest internal monitoring as a part of your data recovery plan. Our data recovery services can create internal safeguards for your business’s data. One of these safeguards includes controlling who has access to your business’s information.

Our security measures can track who can access what type of data and which types of employees can gain access. These measures allow you to track your employees and their online activity. It can also reduce the possibility of a data breach happening from the inside.

Better morale

Aside from keeping a better eye on your employees, you can also use these safeguards to boost your employees’ morale.

In addition to the safeguards, we can include security training in your data recovery plan. Your employees will better grasp how to avoid cyberattacks with the right type of training.

Now that your employees don’t have to worry about security issues, they can focus on being more productive. Your internal safeguards can also help you track how your employees use the business’s resources. You can use their tracking activity to see if their activity aligns with your business’s goals.

Let Nicolet Tech Serve as the IT Solution for Your Business

The most effective way to protect your data is to work with an IT services provider like Nicolet Tech. Instead of suggesting a one-size-fits-all strategy, our IT techs create a customizable data recovery plan that suits your business’s needs.
To learn more about how Nicolet Tech can customize a solution to keep your business safe from disaster, consult us today. We can serve as a valuable member of your company’s support team. You can reach us at (715) 227-3310 or contact us online for your free initial consultation with our team.