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Cybersecurity Services Woodbury, MN

Being online is a must, especially when you own a business, but the web is not always safe. If you sell products online, you want to ensure you keep customer information safe from hackers and other nefarious individuals. Data breaches are the norm, and the news is inundated with horror stories. Many people believe they only need antivirus software, but you need more protection from all the dangers online.

You have worked hard to build your business and gain the trust of your consumers; you do not want to lose their trust and money because you have not invested in Woodbury, MN, cybersecurity services. Nicolet Tech serves businesses in the Twin Cities area, and we build lasting relationships with our clients.

When you need cybersecurity services for your company, look no further than the trusted IT experts at Nicolet Tech. Reach out today to learn more. 

Technology Risk Factors

Hackers are coming up with ways to attack Woodbury businesses of all sizes, and you need a cybersecurity team that can keep up with new scams and ensure you are protected.

Data breaches generally fall into three categories:

  • Hacks that steal information
  • Hacks that breach or leak sensitive information
  • Hacks that install malware and hold sensitive data for ransom

Any hack is scary and threatens your business and security.

There are various tools you can use to circumvent these attacks like:

  • Firewalls
  • Malware, spyware, and web proxy protections
  • Anti-spam software
  • Anti-phishing software

Each of these systems plays a vital role in keeping your business safe and saving you the stress of the repercussions of a hack. Nicolet Tech has solutions for you. Some of our cybersecurity services in Woodbury are outlined below. 

Endpoint Protection

Securing your data is vital to keeping internal secrets and for the operation of your business. One of the cybersecurity services you must have for your business is endpoint protection. Whether you have one computer or 100 devices on your network, they are all potential entrances for a hacker. We will project all these devices through our cybersecurity services, including cell phones, laptops, desktops, printers, and Smart TVs. 

Firewall and Network Management

One critical line of defense is your firewalls. If a hacker can make it past your firewall, they can access everything you have on your network. You cannot resort to having occasional security scans because a lot can happen in between those scans. Suppose you have a security scan every 30 days. On the first day, there is a breach, and someone online has access to all of your information.

You continue working without knowing the breach occurred until your next 30-day check-up. For the past 30 days, all of your work, customer information, and more were in danger. You will now need to reach out to customers to let them know about the mishap and find a solution. When you have Woodbury, MN, cybersecurity services, we will protect you at all times and ensure your firewall and network management are working correctly. 

Patch Management

Setting up a cybersecurity system is only step one; you must maintain it and ensure the apps are safe and up to date. Third-party apps only sometimes work seamlessly with your operating system, and you need the correct patches to ensure everything works.

Occasionally, developers send out patch fixes, and business owners do not know which ones they need. Suppose you have an Apple device; when you update your device to the newest operating system, you also have many apps that will update. The same happens with your cybersecurity system. 

You Need More Than Antivirus Software

Most people are familiar with antivirus software and will therefore jump to purchase a plan that they believe protects them. You must be careful with these available software options because there are two dangers. The first is that antivirus software will only protect you against major, mainstream threats, but hackers are more intelligent than that. They also buy the software to practice and find loopholes to get past it.

A new trend is hackers creating software and websites that seem to be legitimate antivirus software. They sold you malware, not antivirus software. They sell you the software and get payment information from you upfront. Next, you install the software, and they collect your data and steal your and your customer’s information. They can now continent to use payment information or sell the data to other sources.

While you need antivirus solutions, the available packages online are not the safest, and your business needs personalized solutions. Nicolet Tech has individual data storage, cybersecurity, and computer system solutions for Woodbury businesses. The online space is constantly changing, and hackers are changing just as fast. You need a cybersecurity team that wants to help you and can maintain the programs we install. 

The Downsides to Not Having Cybersecurity

Every time an employee logs onto your platform, you are at risk of contracting a virus or attack. You have a business to run, and chances are you do not have the knowledge or the time to deduce software updates on cybersecurity. Growing businesses might not have the funds to hire an IT team, which is why an outside IT solution is a better option. Remember, your company finances and other data are at risk when you don’t have security.

A data breach can cost you money, trust, and your business. Your reputation will take a severe hit when customers realize they have to get new credit cards. A small or medium size business’s average loss from a data breach is $200,000; the bigger the company, the higher the cost. Once you suffer a data breach, it can take IT professionals up to nine months to weed out the issue and contain the damage. You will suffer insurmountable losses. 

Personalized Solutions For Your Woodbury Business

Many assume the only businesses suffering from cyber attacks are Fortune 500 companies, but any company with an online marketplace is susceptible to these dangers.

Nicolet Tech works with businesses around Woodbury, MN, to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place so you can focus on what’s important: your customers. We understand that each business has individual needs, and we offer risk-free consultations to review your cybersecurity needs and craft a package that keeps you and your customers safe.