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Hudson Cloud-Based Storage Solutions For Small Businesses

The cloud is a newer concept that businesses are adapting. When you use the cloud correctly, it is cost-saving and efficient. Some companies report higher productivity after implementing cloud-based storage into their routines. More and more businesses are moving online, and many are moving towards flexible work environments allowing employees to work remotely one or two days a week.

Some are going completely remote, meaning they must invest in security features that keep data safe. When you are ready to take the cloud plunge, you must work with an IT partner who can guide you on the best cloud-based solutions for your business. Nicolet Tech can provide cloud-based solutions for small businesses in Hudson and the vicinity.

The Cloud is Everywhere

Without the cloud, you need a private server onsite to store your data and connect all work devices. The cloud eliminates the need to invest in an expensive server and a 24/7 onsite IT team.

The cloud is everywhere, and you can use the space where the server would have been to house more offices or cubicles. Housing a network is also very costly, but using the cloud-based storage solution can help you save money and time. Nicolet Tech not only sets up the cloud-based storage, but we also manage it so you can rest easy knowing your company data is safe.

The Cloud Eliminates Servers

The cloud is a network of servers you can access over the internet. There are databases and software that can run seamlessly on these servers, and while the cloud is not in the sky above, it is everywhere you have internet access. The virtual cloud is full of bandwidth that is spread across many servers.

You do not need any physical equipment to access or manage the cloud. Many small business owners house their data in a physical server because they do not think they will need anything more significant. However, your data will grow exponentially; the faster your business grows, the more server space you need. That means investing in more servers and finding the space for them.

The cloud eliminates the need for physical servers that require temperature control and ongoing maintenance. The cloud doesn’t require climate-controlled spaces in-house, so you do not need to worry about a designated room in the building.

Additionally, physical servers can catch fire and are susceptible to floods. You can lose your entire business if your data is on a physical server, and the unthinkable happens. The cloud houses your data across several servers, so if one goes down, there are plenty of backups. The cloud is not the ideal option for every business, and you must keep reading to determine if it is right for you.

Access Your Files From Anywhere

Managing a small business often means your office is wherever there is an internet connection. When you have the cloud, you can access your entire office from the palm of your hand.

Some cloud solutions you can try are:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google G Suite
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Hosted VOIP phone service

When implementing cloud solutions into your business, you can look at calendars, apps, emails, presentations, and more. With a hosted VOIP service, your office phones can ring anywhere, so you never miss an important call or potential sale.

The Cloud Is COVID-Friendly

While the pandemic led to many businesses moving to work-from-home options, some are returning to the office while others are keeping remote options. Previously the only way to access all your data was to go to the office and log into a work computer. With cloud-based storage solutions, employees can access the data they need to work from anywhere.

Instead of buying designated work laptops for employees to take home, they can use their computers, log into a cloud-based service, and work from there. Cloud-based storage solutions eliminate the risk of installing work software on a home network that does not have the cybersecurity to keep your business secrets safe.

Employees can upload and download work documents from anywhere, and all data is centralized. A cloud-based system is perfect if your business has adopted work-from-home. You can use different storage options and software solutions that adapt to your business needs. Cloud-based storage is COVID friendly and works from anywhere safely.

Do You Need a Cloud-Based Solution?

While cloud-based storage solutions are convenient, they are not the best solution for every business. If you have information that requires storing on your personal computer, a local hard drive is an excellent solution since it requires minimal space. Suppose your business favors storing information in a central location away from employee computers.

In that case, you will need a server, but the information you have to harbor will determine if an in-house or a cloud-based server is right for you. An in-house server is a feasible option if you have all computers on the same network and no one is working remotely. However, if even a small group of people are remote workers, it can put your security at risk. Additionally, if you require access to the internet, you need cybersecurity options that keep you safe.

Nicolet Tech Can Save the Day

Cloud-based storage spaces are safe from physical threats like floods, fires, and a lack of climate control. Some digital threats remain, and Nicolet Tech can set up security software and other solutions, so your cloud is safe and accessible to all your employees. A cyber threat can dismantle an entire business, and Nicolet Tech is here to fight against hackers and other nefarious individuals.

The cloud is not online, but it does have some security threats. We know those threats and can guide you to finding the best security solution for your business. If cloud services are your solution, we can help you install that, but if a physical server works better, we can also help you install a server and find cybersecurity solutions. Nicolet Tech is here to save the day.

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