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Meet Our IT Manager

Ryan Hintze, IT Manager at Nicolet Tech, Inc.

Ryan not only brings over 17 years of professional experience to the table, he brings the mind of an engineer. From a young age, Ryan would disassemble everyday household items just to see how they worked. The challenge of reassembling them, while maintaining mechanical integrity, was the reward.

With a strong focus on technical resolution, Ryan is the epitome of what Nicolet Tech is all about.

With hands-on experience and technical expertise in Networking Systems, Information Technologies, and Operations, Ryan Hintze was onboarded at Nicolet Tech, Inc. as Senior Manager of IT. Ryan, having extensive Supervisory background, oversees the architecture and implementation of all operational and business support systems, as well as the design and development of business IT infrastructure.

Proven to be a multi-skilled IT Professional, Ryan will improve the efficiency and performance of your company by ensuring your IT Systems are running smoothly.