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​The Importance of IP Security Cameras for Small Businesses

Russell Nicolet

As a small business owner, you work hard on investing in and building up your business. Protecting your investment from security threats, including theft, should be a top priority. Security cameras are an affordable option to keep an eye on your business 24/7 and provide you peace of mind when you are not physically at the business or require security measures throughout a building, complex, or location.

Choosing the right security camera system for your needs can be tedious as a wide range of options is on the market. Technology advances and availability have made IP security cameras the go-to security solution for small business owners. Understanding how IP security cameras work and the features available can help determine whether this security solution is right for your business location.

What Is an IP Security Camera?

​The Importance of IP Security Cameras for Small Businesses

An internet protocol security camera is a video camera that can connect to a business’s local network to offer flexible and reliable security solutions for small business owners looking for ways to protect their businesses.

IP security cameras come in various options ranging from hidden cameras to noticeable devices that can deter theft and vandalism. Additionally, IP security cameras offer wired or wireless options depending on your preference and business needs.

An IP security camera offers a real-time live stream view of your small business and can transmit that data for storage on your network and a cloud for backup. With an IP security camera system, you can have multiple security cameras to meet your business’s expanding security needs. Adding or moving a security camera from one location to another is easy, and the system offers the unlimited capability to add cameras as your needs change or grow.

How Can an IP Security Camera Help You Protect Your Small Business?

You can integrate IP security cameras into your business’s safety and security practices to protect your business and workforce.

With strategically placed security cameras that can capture the areas with the highest security risk at your business location, you can use the system to combat theft, vandalism, and intrusions on intellectual property and to identify risks to your workers and customers during business hours. Security cameras can help deter crimes before they happen and help you find answers if issues arise at your business.

Benefits of an IP security camera for your small business:

  • Monitor daily business operations
  • Deter theft
  • May impact liability insurance rates
  • Offer protection for fraudulent claims
  • Promote feelings of safety amongst workers and customers
  • Reduce the risk of security threats
  • Reduce losses to business
  • Will Your Security Cameras Stop Working if You Lose Your Internet Connection?

    There is a common misconception that IP security cameras require an internet connection at all times to work and capture images. However, that is not the case. IP security cameras connect to a local network where the video captured by the camera saves.

    An Internet connection can affect your ability to connect remotely to your existing network or for uploading data from the network to cloud storage. However, IP security camera systems can record and save its feed locally to the network or an SD card when necessary.

    You do not need to worry about interruptions to the internet connection affecting your ability to keep your business location secure. The cameras will still record and save even in the unlikely event that you lose an internet connection.

    IP Security Cameras Versus Traditional Security Camera Systems

    When deciding the best investment for your small business security camera system, you will likely compare the use of IP security cameras to traditional security camera systems.

    While there are still traditional analog security camera systems on the market, these systems are becoming less popular with the growing popularity and availability of IP security camera systems. These are some of the most common comparisons between these systems and why choosing an IP security system might make more sense.


    The cost of IP security systems may appear slightly higher than traditional security setups when considering only the cost of cameras and hardware. However, installing IP security systems is usually much easier and more straightforward to use, requiring less intrusive wiring and elaborate setups, thus often costing less to initiate than a traditional security system.

    Additionally, with an IP security system, adding another camera later on down the line is a simple process, whereas with a traditional security system, you may be unable to depend on the system’s capacity.


    Unlike traditional security cameras that require separate wires for power and transmission of the feed, an IP security system usually requires only one wire and zero wires in battery-operated wireless setups. Less wiring makes installing and using the IP security system easier and more flexible. For example, with wireless cameras moving one camera to another location requires little more than finding the right spot.

    Accessibility and Control

    The most appealing aspect of an IP security camera system is that you can access and control your devices from anywhere. You can check in on your business at any time from anywhere, from a mobile device or your computer. This allows you to keep your business secure even when you physically cannot be there and identify any security concerns as they happen in real-time.

    Can You Set up an IP Security Camera System for Your Small Business?

    Russel Nicolet, founder & president of Nicolet Tech, Inc.

    Tailoring an IP security system that meets your small business needs can be complex and require experience and know-how to ensure that your security cameras work seamlessly with your network so that you can access the video and data when needed.

    An IT services company can help you purchase the right system with the features you need and want and can help you install and set up the system for you.

    Contact a business IT and computer services company to discuss IP security system options for your small business and help get started to better protect and secure your business.


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