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Why You Should Hire Computer Repair Services in Minneapolis

Russell Nicolet

When your computer system goes down, it can be a huge hassle for your business and can cost you sales and even important clients. The impact of a system outage at a critical time in your annual sales could lead to you missing out on a key week or two of profit, which can throw off your books for an entire year.

When a computer system is compromised, you need to get your system back online as soon as possible, and we are here to help. Reach out to Nicolet Tech to learn more about how we can help you with your computer repair needs, or if it might be more cost-effective, to streamline your system while upgrading it to reduce costs and increase profits for your business.

We Offer Data Retrieval Services for Totally Compromised Systems

Sometimes a cup of coffee finds its way onto your laptop before you’ve had time to save your important work product. This could lead to the total loss of data that you cannot replace and could cost your business a good deal of money. We take data storage seriously and understand the costs that you might encounter if you cannot gain access to important information that was lost when your system went down.

Whether it was a cup of coffee, a power surge, or some unknown technical issue that brought your computer down, if we can retrieve the data, we will get it back to you so that you can get on with your business.

If It Is Repairable, We’ve Got You Covered

Computer repair requires an intimate knowledge of how computer systems operate and how one compromised system might impact another. It can be looked at somewhat like car repair, in that the system is interconnected, and one failing area can cause another to stop working.

If the coolant in your car drains without your knowledge, your engine will overheat, then, potentially, break permanently. When you have a weak or broken link in your computer system, it can eventually lead to everything coming to a grinding halt, costing you profit and potential business.

We have years of experience repairing all types of systems and brands and know how computers work at their core, so we can identify what the problem is and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Some might think that only PCs are repairable by third-party technicians, but our technicians have the experience and knowledge to cover your Apple product needs, as well.

While We Might Not Be Geniuses, We Can Repair Your Apple/Mac Product

If you’ve got an Apple system, you might feel compelled to go stand inside a large glass box in a relatively large line to wait for a person Apple has decided to call a genius. This might lead to your system being repaired, but for the highest cost possible. They might also advise you that a replacement is best and show you the newest and most expensive model possible.

For personal computing, staying with the current fashion and latest models is what some people prefer, but a business is meant to maximize profit, and upgrading without need is a wasted cost. At Nicolet Tech, we can use original Apple parts as needed and use third-party parts to create innovative solutions to repair your system when a "genius" might tell you it is impossible.

We aren’t saying we’re “geniuses,” but we do know our way around Apple products and will fix what is fixable.

Using Cloud-Based Software Protects Your Data From a Hardware Failure

Ask anyone in college before the cloud existed what the most stressful class-related experience they had was, and they will likely tell you a similar story. Usually, it is a story about a time they had a computer crash the night before an important paper - just before they finished it - forcing them to pull an all-nighter to finish a lesser final product.

You don’t want a system failure in your business to force you to turn something over to your customer that is of lesser quality than you might want to reflect on your business if you have a deadline. When your software is in the cloud, you have protection from a hardware failure.

For example, if you have Word and are working on that important order invoice from your supplier so you can start producing a giant customer order, you can save the document onto your computer or the cloud.

If you spill a cup of coffee on your computer and it shorts out moments after finishing, your computer and your invoice get ruined. Cloud-based Word subscription services save your files in Word and the cloud, and you can sign back in on any device to access your important documents.

The IT professionals at Nicolet Tech are happy to assess your system and determine where you can incorporate cloud-based technology to insulate your business from the risk of hardware failure. Should a problem occur, we can offer our professional computer repair services.

Nicolet Tech Can Cover All Your Computer Repair and System Efficiency Needs

Having the perspective of an IT specialist incorporated into your business process can help your business in terms of efficiency, which leads to increases in profitability. The failure of your hardware when your system is local can be ruinous to your business, and we will do all that technology allows to retrieve your information from a compromised system or get your system back up and running if possible.
To insulate your business from future risk and improve operational efficiency and profitability further, we can also suggest how you can incorporate cloud computing to make your business mobile. Reach out to a specialist at Nicolet Tech today at (651) 240-2202for a consultation to discuss options!


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